Planting Precepts

Acknowledging Your sovereignty,
My life I yield to you this day,
And with Your living word in hand
I seek You … eager to obey.

Fertile is my soul, O Lord,
Holy Spirit, sow Your seed.
How beautiful this sacred book,
With answers for my every need.

Your word fills my soul with joy;
Your precepts, Sovereign Lord, are right.
Implant them in my heart, sweet Savior;
May I walk, always, in light.

As I reflect upon Your word
Within my life may it take root;
Nourished by Your Living Water
May I grow to bear much fruit.

Remove from me wordly distractions,
Weeds that grow to cloud my view.
Cultivate here holiness
As I focus, Lord, on You.

 Copyright by Jennifer Welsh

The precepts  of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. -- Psalm 19:8